Therapies - Extracorporeal Shock Wave

Extracorporeal shock wave therapy is used to treat and relieve the pain associated with soft tissue conditions such as tendonitis, bursitis, and “heel spur”. This technique has been studied since the early 1990s. Initially, relatively high energy devices were used. These were similar to the devices used to non-surgically treat kidney stones by crushing them with sound waves. However, it was found that lower energy shock waves were equally effective in treating orthopaedic conditions. The SONOCUR® extracorporeal shock wave therapy system from Siemens Medical Solutions has been approved for use in several European countries since 1996 and has been available in Canada since 1997. Many U.S. citizens have gone to Canada to obtain relief with shock wave therapy. Following an extensive study in the United States, the FDA in 2002, granted approval for SONOCUR® to be used to treat tennis elbow.

“Extracorporeal” means “outside the body”, and refers to a non-invasive surgical procedure in which shock waves are directed at the area of pain. During this brief procedure, lasting approximately 15 minutes, sound waves penetrate the tissue and result in an analgesic effect and also stimulate the healing response by the body. Although higher energy devices required some form of anesthesia and sedation, none is required for the low energy SONOCUR® treatment. This allows the shockwaves to be focused on the painful injured area. Treatment is performed in the office and the patient may drive home and resume normal activities immediately following the procedure.

This therapy is a safe and effective alternative treatment for a variety of conditions including heel pain, ankle tendonitis, tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, knee tendonitis, hip bursitis and tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, and shoulder and wrist tendonitis. It eliminates the expense, risk and recovery period of invasive surgical procedures. For more information about this treatment in the U.S. and Canada, please visit the Sonorex website at http://www.sonorex.com

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