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Atlanta Orthopedic Surgeons Mask Up

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As part of the Emory Healthcare Network, we are proud to stand strong with Emory Healthcare and 100 of the nation's top health systems to encourage wearing masks. As Atlanta's #1 Orthopedic Surgeons, you have our commitment. Now we need yours.

We know the battle is far from over. We also know that tough times call for strong leaders. Just as we lead in the orthopedic space for our community. We strive to lead by example on how we handle the covid-19 pandemic. We #MaskUp to save lives.

Wearing face masks is something that we can do every day to help prevent the spread of the virus. You should always wear one when you go out to public places and anytime you’re around people who do not live in your household.

Emory Healthcare, Cleveland Clinic, Mayo Clinic and more have teamed up to stand against the covid-19 virus. Join us in wearing a mask to help your healthcare community. 

As a reminder, below are the best health practices during covid-19. 




We understand that you want to spend time with your extended family and friends. We are all longing for more in-person interaction and fewer video calls, especially during the holiday season. But we must do it safely, and that means keeping some space between us.

Coronavirus spreads mainly among people who are in close contact with each other for prolonged periods of time. Since people can spread the virus before they begin to feel sick, it is important to keep at least 6 feet away from others (physical distancing) as much as possible. It also means avoiding large gatherings (social distancing), which we know can be especially tough during the holidays. But by doing this now, we hope we can all get back to getting together with family soon.

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COVID-19: Information & Updates

The team at Perimeter Orthopaedics continues to closely monitor the COVID-19 outbreak via the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the Georgia Department of Public Health, and the World Health Organization. 

Your Safety Is Our Priority

Your health and safety is at the forefront of everything we do, so please know that when you visit our office, strict safety protocols are in place.

Below are just a few of the steps we're taking to prepare for your visit:

We ask all patients and their guests who have had a fever in the last 24 hours, cough / shortness of breath, or have been exposed to someone with a confirmed case of covid-19; reschedule their appointments from in-office to telemedicine. Please understand that if you arrive for your appointment and are requested to reschedule, this is being done in the best interest of our patients, staff, and the general public.

CDC Announcements

It’s important to remember that these recommendations from the CDC, public health officials, and local and state leaders aren’t meant to keep you from enjoying the holidays; they’re meant to keep us all safe so we can continue enjoying the holidays. 

Let’s all make a commitment to stay safe and keep others in mind as we plan out our holiday activities. Always follow guidelines from your local health department and government officials — such as the Georgia Department of Public Health Daily Status Report — and pay attention to the current COVID-19 levels in your community.

Lastly, Happy Holidays from all of us at Perimeter Orthopaedics. 

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COVID-19 Updates

The team at Perimeter Orthopaedics continues to closely monitor the COVID-19 outbreak via the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the Georgia Department of Public Health, and the World Health Organization.

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