Count Down to the Top 12 Sports Injuries

Can you guess the top 12 sports with injuries that resulted in trips to the E.R?  It’s worth noting that in most cases a popular sport will cause more injuries. Injury data does not show the number of injuries per player; therefore, do not assume that higher ranking sports are more dangerous — they may just be played more frequently and by more people.

Data was compiled through 2015 by the Consumer Product Safety Commission then aggregated by HealthGrove.  HealthGrove uses technology and data to provide deep insights on health trends.  

Stay in the game. . .Do these five things to help prevent sports injuries:

  1. Wear protective gear, such as pads and helmets.
  2. Warm up before playing.
  3. Stay in shape.
  4. Don't play when you're injured.
  5. Eat right and drink plenty of water.

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