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Perimeter Ortho: Covid Vaccine Sign Up

Covid vaccine appointments in georgia

Perimeter Orthopaedics is committed to keeping you informed as we endure the coronavirus pandemic.

We’ve composed a comprehensive list of the multiple ways you can access what is happening in Georgia; in regards to vaccine availability and signing up to receive the vaccine. Perimeter Orthopaedics wants you to know, we have your back. Please stay safe, wear a mask and social distance when able.  

The Georgia Department of Public Health is currently administering Covid-19 vaccines in Phase 1A+. Vaccine supply is limited and public health departments are scheduling the vaccine by appointment only, as are other locations. Below is the detailed schedule of covid vaccine distribution.

***Update: As of Thursday, March 25th - Gov. Kemp has announced that all Georgia residents 16+ are eligible for the covid-19 vaccine. Register online to schedule your vaccine at one of the mass vaccine sites, or a location near you. 

Phase 1: Limited Vaccine Availability

Phase 1A:

Phase 1B:

Phase 1C:

Phase 2: Increased vaccine availability

Phase 3: Vaccine Widely Available

To view which phase Georgia is currently in, please click the link here.

Participating Vaccine Sites

If you’re searching for the Covid-19 Vaccine you may quickly realize appointments have been very limited. According to the Georgia governor’s office, as of February 5th, Georgia is receiving 146,000 doses per week from the federal government. These doses are being split up across the state from county health offices to pharmacies and hospitals.

Hospital Vaccination

If you are searching for an appointment to receive the covid-19 vaccine at one of Georgia’s hospitals below you will find the information needed from the main three hospitals surrounding Perimeter Orthopaedics. If your preferred hospital is not on the list below, please click the link here to view a more detailed list.

Emory Healthcare

Currently, Emory is only distributing the COVID-19 vaccine through "dedicated vaccine clinics," and by appointment only. Individual Emory physician offices will not have the vaccine and can't schedule appointments. 

On a dedicated webpage, eligible individuals can request an appointment and will be placed on a waitlist. Emory will then contact people as doses are available, but caution - Emory says it might be days or weeks until you get a call due to supply issues.” 

Grady Health

“As vaccine supply levels allow, Grady is offering COVID-19 vaccinations, but only to existing Grady patients who meet the state's eligibility criteria. 

Grady is contacting existing patients who are eligible and scheduling appointments, and also vaccinating eligible patients when they come in for scheduled clinic appointments.”

Northside Hospital

On its website, Northside's latest update on COVID-19 vaccine information states, "Northside Hospital has started administering the COVID-19 vaccine to physicians and staff." There is no information detailing if other people eligible under the state's vaccination plan can receive the vaccine at Northside.”

Grocery/Pharmacy Vaccination

Vaccination eligibility varies by each location of Grocery/Pharmacy. Luckily, you can use this link to view the participating Vaccine sites. Vaccines are being handed out at participating Kroger, Ingles, Publix and U Save It Pharmacy sites.

Kroger currently has a vaccine wait list where you can enter in your information for an appointment. By selecting a Kroger location, you can see whether or not they have any available time slots for vaccines. The same goes for the rest of the participating Pharmacy sites.

Additional Vaccination Sites

If you are unable to find a vaccination site that is convenient, taking appointments or has an open wait-list you may also check the following list from the Georgia Department of Public Health.

The following link will take you to a search box where you can find a vaccination site close to where you are. For example, if you type in “Urgent” you will see that Highland Urgent Care & Family Medicine is currently a vaccination site in Fulton County with Covid-19 Vaccinations available (subject to change due to availability).

To search for a covid vaccination site, please click the link here.

Additional Information

To find up-to-date information about Georgia’s current vaccination roll-out phase, vaccine availability and more please visit the WSBTV Coronavirus Information page here.

At this time, Perimeter Orthpaedics is not able to offer our patients the covid-19 vaccine in our clinic. If this changes, we will act swiftly and inform our patients. Again, we are committed to keeping you informed as we endure the coronavirus pandemic together. 


***Update: As of Thursday, March 25th - Gov. Kemp has announced that all Georgia residents 16+ are eligible for the covid-19 vaccine. Register online to schedule your vaccine at one of the mass vaccine sites, or a location near you. 

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