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Additional Testimonials


This is to inform you that the steroid injection on friday is working with great results. With the very succesfull knee surgery and hip injection, i can now walk normally and wthout pain. Thank you for your excellent care. All your staff treats me as if i were their favourite grandfather.

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George M.

Dr. Nicholson has very successfully performed 2 stem cell treatments to my trochanteric bursitis areas on both sides. Dr Nicholson literally gave me my life back. Before the procedures, I was unable to sleep, lying was always extremely painful, I was not able to walk even the shortest distance always having to use a motorized scooter. It has been about a year since I has the first procedure and I can honestly say that I am about 80 percent better than before the treatments. I still have some residual pain, however I can now sleep most of the night, I lie relatively pain free and am able to walk thru a supermarket or mall. My gait has vastly improved since i am no longer walking with a "waddle" due to decreased pain levels. I would like to have further treatment in the same areas as each treatment seems to reduce pain levels.

Lynette J.
Sandy Springs, GA

I injured my ankle in a skiing accident, and needed surgery to correct it. Dr. Spiegl is an amazing surgeon, and I always felt like I was in capable hands with him. The surgery was successful and I am back skiing again. I will always highly recommend your practice.

Fran M.
Atlanta, GA

I am diabetic and Dr. Spiegl worked with me on my diabetic foot care regimen. He is an expert on diabetic foot care and how to prevent major issues like amputation and wounds.

Alana P.
Roswell, GA

I love to run and was struggling with plantar fasciitis and intense heel pain. My appointment with Perimeter Orthopaedics helped set me on the right track so I can run more regularly again.

Dan K.
Alpharetta, GA

In March, I ruptured a sagittal band in my right hand (my dominant hand of course) while playing tennis. It was an odd injury that baffled the ER at Emory/Saint Joseph’s Hospital. But, the attending physician did not hesitate to refer me to Dr. Tedman Vance for follow-up. Dr. Vance took one look at my hand and knew precisely what was wrong and how to fix it. The following day, he performed surgery to repair the damage. I am now back to playing tennis, working, and doing everything else I did prior to the injury. I would like to thank Dr. Vance and his staff for their personal and professional approach to my care. I am happy to be back!

Debbie K.
Sandy Springs, GA

I had a diabetic foot ulcer and Dr. Spiegl saved my foot. Watch video to listen to my story.

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