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Bunions are common conditions that occur in the feet, causing the base of the big toe to protrude unnaturally. In some cases, the skin around the bunion may appear red and feel tender to the touch, and the skin at the bottom of the foot may be thick and painful. Bunions can make wearing shoes uncomfortable, and can make walking quite painful and even difficult. They are often caused by shoes that fit improperly-shoes that are too tight and narrow can squeeze the foot, resulting in a bunion.

Depending on the progression of your bunion, your physician may recommend a number of different treatment options. In most cases, surgery is not necessary. Patients can wear protective pads along the area where the bunion occurs, as well as wear shoes that fit properly.

In more severe cases, bunion surgery is necessary. Called a bunionectomy, this procedure will realign the toe and the foot to correct the deformity.

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