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101 Foot Care Tips for People With Diabetes
Jessie H., Phd Ahroni, Jessie H. Ahroni PhD
(March 1, 2000)

Anatomy of the Foot and Ankle: Descriptive, Topographic, Functional
Shahan K. Sarrafian / Hardcover / Published 1993

Arthritic Foot and Related Connective Tissue Disorders
Irving Yale / Hardcover / Published 1984

Atlas of Foot and Ankle Surgery
Michael J., M.D. Shereff / Hardcover / Published 1993

Atlas of Foot Radiology
Jacques Montagne, Neil Chafetz (Translator) / Hardcover / Published 1983

Common Foot Problems in Primary Care
Richard B. Birrer, et al / Hardcover / Published 1992

The Complete Foot Book: First Aid for Your Feet
Donald S. Pritt, Morton Walker (Contributor)
Paperback Reissue edition (August 1996)

Complications in Foot and Ankle Surgery: Prevention and Management
Jeffrey M. Carrel (Editor) / Hardcover / Published 1992

Complications in Foot Surgery: Prevention and Management
Stuart A. Marcus (Editor) / Hardcover / Published 1984

Current Practice in Foot & Ankle Surgery: A Review of State-Of-The-Art Techniques
Carol C., M.D. Frey (Editor), Glenn B. Pfeffer (Editor) Hardcover Vol 002 (March 1994)

The Diabetic Foot
Marvin E. Levin, et al / Hardcover / Published 1993 5th Edition

Diabetic Foot Care Booklet
American Diabetes Association Paperback pamphlet edition (December 1990)

The Diabetic FootIllustrated Guide to Management
William Jeffcoat / Hardcover / Published 1995

Disorders of the Foot
Melvin Jahss / Hardcover / Published 1982

Disorders of the Foot and Ankle: Medical and Surgical Management
Melvin H. Jahss (Editor) / Hardcover / Published 1991 2nd Edition

The Foot & Ankle Sourcebook: Everything You Need to Know
M. David Tremaine, Elias M. Awad / Hardcover / Published 1995\

Foot and Ankle Pain (Cailliet, Rene. Pain Series.)
Rene Cailliet, Rene Cailliet M. D. / Paperback / Published 1997

The Foot Book: Relief for Overused, Abused & Ailing Feet
Glen Copeland, Glenn Copeland / Paperback / Published 1992

The Foot in Diabetes
Henry Connor, et al / Paperback - 268 pages 2nd edition (May 1994)

Happy Feet: The Practical Health Guide for Runners, Joggers, Race Walkers and Just Plain Strollers
Frank Murray / Paperback / Published 1990

Fifty Ways to Ease Foot Pain
Suzanne M. Levine Paperback (January 1995)

The Foot: Pathology, Aetiology, Semiology, Clinical Investigation and Therapy
Bernard Regnauld / Hardcover / Published 1986

Foot and Ankle Arthroscopy
Richard O. Lundeen, Richard B. Hawkins / Hardcover / Published March 1998

Foot and Ankle Pain (Pain Series)
Rene Cailliet / Paperback / Published 1983 2nd Edition

Foot and Ankle Secrets (The Secrets Series)
Lawrence B. Harkless / Hardcover / Published 1997

The Foot and Its Disorders
Leslie Klenerman (Editor) / Hardcover / Published 1991 3rd Edition

The Foot Book
John S. Gould (Editor) / Hardcover / Published 1988

The Functional Foot Orthosis
J. W. Philps / Hardcover / Published 1995 2nd Edition

Infections of the Foot: Diagnosis, Management and Prevention
David E. Marcinko / Hardcover / Published 1996

Internal Fixation of the Foot and Ankle: A Text and Atlas
Vanore / Hardcover / To be Published 1999

Is Your Child Walking Right?: Parent's Guide to Little Feet
Andrew K.C. Chong / Paperback (July 1986)

Management of the Diabetic Foot
Marc A. Brenner (Editor) / Hardcover / Published 1987

Medical and Surgical Management of the Diabetic Foot
Stephen Kominsky / Hardcover / Published 1994

The Nail in Health and Disease
Nardo Zaias / Hardcover / Published 1990 2nd Edition

Neal's Common Foot Disorders: Diagnosis and Management
Donald L. Lorimer (Editor), et al / Hardcover / Published 1997 5th Edition

Operative Treatment of the Foot and Ankle
Armen S. Kelikian Armen S. Kelikian, MD (Northwestern University Medical School; Children's Memorial Hospital; Lutheran General Hospital, Chicago, Illinois) Hardcover - 784 pages 1 edition (December 8, 1998)

Rehabilitation of the Foot and Ankle
G. James Sammarco / Hardcover / Published 1995

The Runner's Repair Manual
Murray and Barbara Burr Weisenfeld, Barbara Burr (Contributor) Paperback (March 1981)

Samman's the Nails in Disease
Peter D. Samman / Hardcover / Published 1995

Surgical Approaches to the Foot and Ankle
George B., Jr. Holmes / Hardcover / Published 1994

Your Feet: Questions You Have, Answers You Need
by Sandra Salmans Paperback - 196 pages (July 1998)

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