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"In March, I ruptured a sagittal band in my right hand (my dominant hand of course) while playing tennis. It was an odd injury that baffled the ER at Emory/Saint Joseph’s Hospital. But, the attending physician did not hesitate to refer me to Dr. Tedman Vance for follow-up. Dr. Vance took one look at my hand and knew precisely what was wrong and how to fix it. The following day, he performed surgery to repair the damage. I am now back to playing tennis, working, and doing everything else I did prior to the injury. I would like to thank Dr. Vance and his staff for their personal and professional approach to my care. I am happy to be back!"

Debbie K.
Sandy Springs, GA


Dr. Tedman Vance - Sagittal Band Repair

Dr. Vance helps a patient regain motion and dexterity in her hand following sagittal band rupture and reconstruction (repair of the tendons and ligaments surrounding the knuckle that allow fingers to straighten and extend). Patient shown is a right handed female at 8 weeks postoperative.

I had a diabetic foot ulcer and Dr. Spiegl saved my foot. Watch video to listen to my story.

- Jessie

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